The rattle of chains

The raged envy of fellow inmates

Call this place home

Where we are defamed

By crime

Punished by freedoms we hold steadfast to

I hear the tears of the defensive

And the hostility of my eternal chains

Here on this accursed earth

How much I have seen around the years

And the poison that settled my mind

A toxin that spread from piss-ridden cells

As we become impure

And the wayward steps of family members

Went away

And I don’t even remember her soft face

For their hands behind the glass

Couldn’t warm my tired soul

Five years and she forgot about me

They all forgot about me

The letters stopped flowing

They all walked away as I cling onto a letter written with her tiny hands

Each and every time I read I love you

I bawl for weeks and I churn into a field of flowers

And hearing her laugh once again

Am I in fault?

Am I innocent?

Am I the one going insane from the tumultuous times

Maybe I am losing my thoughts

My intelligence

Common sense

And my own existence

What they call rehabilitation

I call hell

What they call incarceration

I call mutilation

What they call home

I call inner peace

I was excited the day when they knocked on my door

As I was walking through the field of flowers

With them once again

As the euphoria gave me mercy

As the priest followed my rear

And the congregation sung songs

That resonated through the halls

For I am not longer a number

They cry louder

As I sit upon my throne

And she says, “Welcome home.”

I embrace it

For I am free

Felix Cunningham III – Leader of the Free World







Tumultuous footsteps

Not a sound is heard from my acts of espionage

For I am as nimble as a single rain droplet

As I slither like a cobra

In a society you try to grasp

And you are the prey

As my fangs drip poison

Secretive, unknowing, and undisturbed

As I am the apex predator with no need to evolve

Am I a voracious eater?

To leave your blood pooled over my lips

And onto my lap

And feasting as if I haven’t eaten in moons

With my eyes gleaming red as the blood moon

Quite frankly, no

I am no savage but I am swift

As the ruler of your footsteps

As the shadow you adhere to

As the very breath you try to take

And the nightmares you try so desperately to cleanse

As your fate lies in my hands

For I am as frigid as the apparition that calls for your demise

And the conscious that brings forth justice

And when that time comes

When I have to rise from my bedside

And I have to bequeath such a blade to your throat

Or a bullet to the heart

You won’t have to fear me


-Felix Cunningham III

We Wear the Mask


“We wear our best mask,

Put on our best shoes,

Tailor our finest suits,

For we don’t want them to know we are


But that we are human.”

Good afternoon guys and thanks for those who tuned into my blog and this is the first blog I ever created and I’m so excited to let the world see what I love to do in action. This is the part where the title comes in and I give my perception on any piece of poetry or any line from writing pieces in existence. So this is where I access tome of knowledge called my brain to distribute my opinion.

Paul Laurence Dunbar (1872-1906), the poet whom created the original “We Wear the Mask” really spoke to me in a sense that every human being alive wears a mask in society to hide their insecurities. It is not true that every human on the planet upholds the dangerous art of savagery, but it is that we survivors of this hell called Planet Earth. Initially a person shows you their best mask with colors and hues that excite your eyes and he or she is telling you that this is who I am and this is all you will know for now. This keeps you guessing and makes you wonder if there’s more to the person or is this all I’m going to get. This could be a disaster or a dead giveaway for a gracious friendship.

In truth, we do not know anyone as well as we should and let’s be honest, sometimes we don’t even know ourselves and it’s none of our business to know anyone to the fullest extent anyway because the closer you get to the truth, the more your feelings get hurt, but as normal human beings that seek the chalice of wisdom called knowledge, we just want to know what hides under a mask. We will also travel far and wide to discover the pain curtained behind such beautiful front. It has been shown in television shows such as Batman, Green Arrow, Spider-man, Wolverine, etc. These people show themselves in society as upstanding citizens, billionaires, or bad boys, but and “in the darkness of the night” becomes a vigilante of justice. Their mask hides a true motive and shoulders a great number of fears that one possesses because no one is invincible. But when that superhero’s mask is stripped from him, he gives the perception of betrayal to everyone that he knows. Metaphorically it is truly impossible to take off the mask and be the same person you always were to someone else.

Sometimes it’s satisfying for a person to leave the mask on and never show their true selves because it can truly affect others in a negative fashion because some people are born lonely, miserable, and detached from society and others are just simply crazy. In my personal opinion, I say it’s better to be yourself, to yourself because your actions affect everyone around you and that aura becomes life essence. No one likes to be surrounded by someone who is negative all of the time and this puts them in a bad mood because those as well as other things can lead you to a life of desertion and rejection.

To be brutally honest, I am a negative person and it took me a long time to abandon the mask of loneliness and despair, but when I finally took off that crimson mask soaked in envy and jealousy, I became the man I needed to be. In conclusion, we all wear a mask and depends on the color, arabesque, and content that is hidden behind and maybe, just maybe one day, we can finally shed our fears and throw away the mask but for now and as Paul Laurence Dunbar quoted, “We Wear the Mask”.

-Felix Cunningham III